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Transforming the way your industry works

Critical Board Relationships

Posted by in Board Level, Management, Mike Squires

The key relationships present in any sporting body fall into two distinct camps; external and internal. The external relationships include the Government, media, sponsors and the like, whereas internal relationships are almost exclusively between members of the Board. Getting these relationships right can be trickier than you’d think. Arguably the most critical dynamic which sets the foundation for an effective Board is that between the Chair and the CEO. This relationship can be made more complex when the Chair is a passionate unpaid volunteer and the CEO comes from a…read more

The sporting landscape of the Middle East

Posted by in Elite Performance, Middle East, Stewart King

From Egypt to the Emirates, the Middle East is a region where sport is undergoing significant change and where opportunity is expanding, says Stewart King, a specialist in elite performance at SRi. The Middle East can be an attractive location for professionals interested in bringing about great change. Sporting clubs and bodies across the region have ambitious plans, and the ability for individuals to work in an environment where they can develop a legacy is genuinely exciting. I recently travelled to the Middle East to meet key figures in the…read more


Can you afford to ignore Asia?

Posted by in Asia, Commercial, Helen Soulsby

Over the past 12 months, it has been impossible to avoid the sense that there is a shift in strategy underway in Asian sport. Take football as a case study; no longer is it just ageing players seeing out their twilight years in the Chinese Super League, this season saw Chelsea’s Ramires, Atletico Madrid’s Jackson Martinez and coveted Shakhtar Donetsk midfielder Alex Teixeira all head east for a combined £90m in transfer fees alone. It’s becoming increasingly clear, and perhaps alarmingly for internationally recognised clubs involved in the region, that…read more

Sporting dynamics at Board level

Posted by in Board Level, Management, Mike Squires

Recently, Sport England and UK Sport published a Charter for Sports Governance, highlighting eight critical components to meet the demands for organisations in modern sport: Transparency, Integrity, Financial probity, Leadership and decision making, Membership, Independence of thought, Diversity, and Culture. Some observers may feel dismay that it has been necessary for such important bodies as Sport England and UK Sport to state what is, to so many of us, the obvious. However, recent events of corruption, drug cheating and general poor practice means that a clear set of fundamentals must…read more


Address your gender mix

Posted by in Career Advice, Helen Soulsby, HR, Management, Women in sport

It won’t come as a shock to many in the business of sport that the issue of gender diversity remains a very real concern, especially when it comes to the higher echelon roles. I chaired a recent Sports Leaders’ Breakfast discussion on this critical issue, which examined some of the challenges women in sport face in trying to climb the ladder into senior positions, what women can do to ensure their competitiveness, as well as highlighted the benefits that a healthy gender mix can bring to organisations. The current state…read more