Transforming the way your industry works

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Transforming the way your industry works

Executive Search Gets On the Ball In Sports Recruitment

Posted by in Jay Hussey, USA

Jay Hussey, CEO of our North American-facing business SRiCheyenne, recently sat down with Hunt Scanlon to discuss the sports recruitment sector. April 26, 2017 – For years, the majority of senior level search assignments emanated from traditional employers. Prominent among them: financial services and healthcare concerns, industrial and manufacturing companies, and consumer products giants. But as the search for talent expanded and grew more complex, institutions that at one time seemed insular moved to recruit more and more outsiders. Over the last decade, executive recruiters have pushed hard into every…read more

Talent trumps tech in a sports industry grappling with disruption

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It’s become a truism today to say that technology is changing everything. It is nearly impossible to get through an issue of the Economist or Harvard Business Review, or even the Hollywood Reporter, without encountering an article about how the rise of cloud computing platforms, connected devices, social media, or always on mobile access is reshaping both the consumer and commercial landscape. The world of sport, often regarded as a bastion of tradition, heritage and legacy, has certainly not been immune to the same kind of disruption. In fact, data…read more

The importance of a Sporting Director

Posted by in Football, Stewart King

SRi’s Stewart King recently spoke with the Daily Telegraph about the increasing importance of roles in football clubs such as the Sporting Director. According to the Telegraph, a quarter of the 92 professional football clubs in England have changed their manager in the past 150 days yet roles like Sporting Director mean many are enjoying greater off-field stability than ever before. Stewart King pointed to football’s fundamental shift in intellectual property which now rest with clubs rather than individual managers or chief scouts. Decisions are more collaborative, and while the manager…read more