The importance of a Sporting Director

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SRi’s Stewart King recently spoke with the Daily Telegraph about the increasing importance of roles in football clubs such as the Sporting Director.

According to the Telegraph, a quarter of the 92 professional football clubs in England have changed their manager in the past 150 days yet roles like Sporting Director mean many are enjoying greater off-field stability than ever before.

Stewart King pointed to football’s fundamental shift in intellectual property which now rest with clubs rather than individual managers or chief scouts.

Decisions are more collaborative, and while the manager is still intrinsically involved in recruitment, their focus is more on day-to-day coaching than ever before.

King went on to say that Sporting Directors or heads of recruitment are themselves influencing managerial appointments according to the same principles and analysis that frames their player identification.

“There is a shift from clubs appointing people they know to searching globally for the best.”


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