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Transforming the way your industry works

Ensuring success at Tokyo 2020

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Stewart King, Senior Consultant for High Performance at SRi, spoke with close to 40 national governing body CEOs and Performance Directors from all over the world during the Olympics in Rio de Janiero. King was keen to establish how they will review Rio 2016, what the biggest challenges are ahead of Tokyo 2020, and what they will now do to ensure success in Japan. King found that a number of common themes arose: 1. Every Olympics is different and performance structures that were successful in Rio won’t necessarily work in…read more

The clock is ticking for Tokyo – time to assess whether your Board is fit for purpose

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The warm glow of a remarkable Rio Olympics has enveloped British sport. UK Sport, has, quite rightly, been given due credit for the successful implementation of its long term investment strategy but, with the build-up for Tokyo 2020 already started, this is no time to rest on ones laurels. At SRi, we have the advantage of seeing the global success of Team GB, with offices in Australia, Singapore, China, Canada, Switzerland, Germany and the US offering an outside vantage point. In each market and across many sports including rowing, cycling,…read more


Showing Olympic vision – the view beyond Brazil

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For many athletes, all focus is on Rio as the culmination of a four-year cycle of hard work and graft comes to a climax at the 2016 Olympic Games. Those in the boardrooms of sports governing bodies, however, have long been looking past the Games and into the future, writes Alistair Milner, head of SRi’s Elite Performance Practice. In the weeks and months leading up to an Olympic Games, there are very different questions being asked of athletes, in comparison to the leadership of their country’s sports administration. For competitors,…read more

Critical Board Relationships

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The key relationships present in any sporting body fall into two distinct camps; external and internal. The external relationships include the Government, media, sponsors and the like, whereas internal relationships are almost exclusively between members of the Board. Getting these relationships right can be trickier than you’d think. Arguably the most critical dynamic which sets the foundation for an effective Board is that between the Chair and the CEO. This relationship can be made more complex when the Chair is a passionate unpaid volunteer and the CEO comes from a…read more

Sporting dynamics at Board level

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Recently, Sport England and UK Sport published a Charter for Sports Governance, highlighting eight critical components to meet the demands for organisations in modern sport: Transparency, Integrity, Financial probity, Leadership and decision making, Membership, Independence of thought, Diversity, and Culture. Some observers may feel dismay that it has been necessary for such important bodies as Sport England and UK Sport to state what is, to so many of us, the obvious. However, recent events of corruption, drug cheating and general poor practice means that a clear set of fundamentals must…read more


Be careful what you wish for

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Some thoughts on building a portfolio of Non-Executive Directorships In modern sport, independent non-executive directors (INEDs) are now seen as increasingly vital positions across most major sports entities, such as international federations, national governing bodies, professional leagues, major events organising committees and other public-funded sports organisations. Through my work with SRi – alongside partners such as the RFU, Football League, 2017 World Athletics, the Golf Foundation and Sports and Recreation Alliance – and with personal experience of numerous NED roles, I find myself often being asked for advice by executives…read more