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Transforming the way your industry works

Developing the high performance sports model in the USA

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As US pro and collegiate sport continues to go from strength to strength, there are some fascinating developments happening behind the scenes. Steve Moser, SRi’s High Performance Consultant for North America, takes a closer look. For many years, sport in the USA has adopted an insular approach when developing patterns of coaching, fitness, nutrition and commercial structure. It has been for good reason, too. The big five sports leagues – football, baseball, basketball, hockey and, more recently, soccer – have led the world in developing professionalism and sophisticated commercial operations….read more

Accelerating Growth in Canadian Sport

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There is little doubt that sport in Canada is thriving. Everywhere we’ve been, the talk has been of growth and ambition. Whether it is new media deals, record season ticket sales, a new stadium move or an upcoming event, the mood amongst those working in the industry is positive. There is a huge amount to be proud about – Canadian teams continue to punch above their weight in many sports, there are strong corporate partners, positive stadium experiences and the fan engagement is outstanding. So the big question that we’ve…read more