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Transforming the way your industry works

Bilingual talent is in high demand as the sporting world’s eyes turn toward Japan

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With the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Olympics on the horizon, the world’s biggest sports businesses are on the hunt for Japanese candidates and those who boast language skills and experience in related industries, says Consultant for Japan Yusuke Isoda in an interview with SRi. To read a Japanese language version of this article, please click here. SRi: You recently joined SRi after a number of years for a Tokyo-based recruitment specialist, what are your ambitions for SRi in Japan? Yusuke Isoda: “As a passionate sports fan, I’m thrilled…read more


How LaLiga is bringing El Clasico to China

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Bill Yang is currently the Project Coordinator in LaLiga’s China office, having secured the role through SRi in July 2016. Boasting a degree from one of the best universities in China, Bill had accumulated significant research and business analysis experience working for management consulting companies, which was very attractive to LaLiga. Bill is just one example of our dedicated SRi team in China’s ability to secure top talent from other industries for leading sports roles. Our Head of China, Ting Zhang, recently sat down with Bill to talk about his…read more


Address your gender mix

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It won’t come as a shock to many in the business of sport that the issue of gender diversity remains a very real concern, especially when it comes to the higher echelon roles. I chaired a recent Sports Leaders’ Breakfast discussion on this critical issue, which examined some of the challenges women in sport face in trying to climb the ladder into senior positions, what women can do to ensure their competitiveness, as well as highlighted the benefits that a healthy gender mix can bring to organisations. The current state…read more

Be careful what you wish for

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Some thoughts on building a portfolio of Non-Executive Directorships In modern sport, independent non-executive directors (INEDs) are now seen as increasingly vital positions across most major sports entities, such as international federations, national governing bodies, professional leagues, major events organising committees and other public-funded sports organisations. Through my work with SRi – alongside partners such as the RFU, Football League, 2017 World Athletics, the Golf Foundation and Sports and Recreation Alliance – and with personal experience of numerous NED roles, I find myself often being asked for advice by executives…read more


How we can encourage more gender diversity at work

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As today, March 8th, is International Women‘s Day, I wanted to share the following. Much of the content is from or inspired by Lean In, a book by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and a woman widely lauded for re-booting feminism in the last few years. The book itself is worth a read (for both men and women) to understand the state of play in terms of “equality” in the workplace. To understand how we as managers and colleagues can encourage more gender diversity at work (both at SRi and…read more

2016 Trends and Opportunities in Sport in Australia and New Zealand

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Jonathan Harris (our Managing Partner, Australia) recently spoke on a panel of leading HR practitioners at the Australian Sports Commission’s Our Sporting Future conference, where he discussed the trends and opportunities in relation to hiring talent for the sports industry across the region. Below is a summary of his discussion. How would you describe hiring activity in the industry at the moment? Hiring activity is generally quite encouraging. Sport continues to be a product that invokes plenty of passion and loyalty from the public. Sports organisations are investigating and experimenting…read more


How to Break into the Sports Industry

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Chris Jordan is a senior consultant who has been with SRi for six years, working with major rights holders and professional clubs & teams. Below he discusses what he looks for in a candidate and how someone can go about breaking into the sports industry. What do you look for in a candidate when you first view their CV? It depends on the actual scope of the role. But the basics usually remain the same: educational background, longevity at previous organisations that show candidates took the time to understand and…read more


Where are the women? Gender diversity in sports business.

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Recently our Director, Asia, Helen Soulsby, spoke at the 2014 Asia Pacific World Sport and Women Conference in Australia on, ‘The State of Play – Female representation across the business of sport’. This is what she had to say: When I was a little girl, I didn’t want to work in sport (or in search for that matter). Believe it or not, I wanted to be a nail technician. Not really the career my parents were hoping for but they knew this was the first of many aspirations I would…read more

Climbing the Career Mountain

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After more than 30 years in executive search, I remain convinced more than ever, that our primary objective and concern should be to our candidates. Yes, our fees are paid for by our clients but experience has shown me that if we get it right by the candidate, it will inevitably be the right solution for the client. All too often I have seen both competitors and indeed some of my own consultants become fixated by dancing to the client’s tune, to the detriment of what is right by the…read more

Career Mobility in the Global Market Place

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Sports rights holders are increasingly viewing their markets beyond their traditional geographic territories. Major rights holders such as the NFL, WTA and NBA have global ambitions and are building both an infrastructure and talent pool to achieve their international objectives. These trends led to the development of our four regional hub offices in London, Lausanne, Singapore and Sydney and, in 2013, our presence in Melbourne and planned development in Beijing in 2014. With this international development trend we have seen an increase in the demand and desire to transfer technical…read more