Transforming the way your industry works

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Transforming the way your industry works

Creating a high performing commercial department

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Even at the highest level, sporting teams are still on the journey into becoming truly professional, global businesses. For those looking to establish themselves as a world-leading brand, having a commercial team fit for the pressures of modern sport business is a must, says SRi’s commercial rights specialist Chris Jordan. The ‘business of sport’ phrase is, in itself, something of an oxymoron. As a concept, sport embodies themes such as passion, unpredictability and tribalism. Think business, and words such as strategy, stability and growth spring to mind. It’s this struggle…read more

How to Break into the Sports Industry

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Chris Jordan is a senior consultant who has been with SRi for six years, working with major rights holders and professional clubs & teams. Below he discusses what he looks for in a candidate and how someone can go about breaking into the sports industry. What do you look for in a candidate when you first view their CV? It depends on the actual scope of the role. But the basics usually remain the same: educational background, longevity at previous organisations that show candidates took the time to understand and…read more


Digital Challenges in Sport

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Following on from our previous post exploring the digital opportunities in sport, this week we examine some of the digital challenges facing the sports industry. Who are the “Broadcasters”? Will digital platforms/businesses become closer to becoming a broadcaster? They have gone from creating native digital content, to shorter-form 90-120 second videos and clips. What is going to stop them from producing a 10 minute show designed for the web? Once they have built a significant audience and are attracting a large number of unique views, they effectively become a broadcaster and…read more

Digital Opportunities in Sport

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In recent months SRi has seen a tangible increase in demand for experienced digital media professionals across our client base in sport and entertainment. Having consulted to a number of clients who are not always able to clearly articulate what their business objectives are in this space, we have observed a number of trends and patterns emerging. As a result, Will Banbury and Chris Jordan recently hosted a breakfast roundtable with a number of leading sports digital media experts to discuss “what digital means to me” and explore some of…read more


The Evolution of the Pre-Season Football Friendly

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Why do clubs tour? 10 years ago the pre-season tours and friendlies that Premier League football clubs embarked upon were the domain of the club’s manager and coaches. It was down to the performance staff to scout out a suitable location where the training, transport and accommodation facilities were of a high standard. This ultimately meant they travelled to Europe which was easier to organise and was less of a strain on the players. Fast forward to the present day and the pre-season schedule is now being taken more seriously…read more