Transforming the way your industry works

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Transforming the way your industry works

Dearth of a Salesman?

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Forgive the terrible play on words and no gender comments needed, but Dearth of a Sales Person just didn’t have the same ring to it! With the sports industry still evolving in Asia the pool of home grown talent is still relatively small and no function reflects this more than in sales. Here at SRi in Asia, we estimate that over half of our new assignments are with clients seeking commercial partnerships or sales talent. Identifying and attracting experienced sponsorship sales or marketing partnerships professionals in the Asian region is…read more


Is FMCG the New Route into the Sports Industry?

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At selected English Premier League clubs and much of the American sports market, it’s getting harder to find senior executives with experience in the sport itself. More and more the sports industry is looking outside of ‘its own’ and seeking talent from investment banking, FMCG, leading telcos and the entertainment industry. Sports business has changed or as some commentators refer – ‘it has grown up’. While the days of ex-athletes and family members or ‘out and out fans’ working at their favourite team, club or event haven’t disappeared completely, the…read more

Driving Economic Development Through Sport

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While Singapore is not renowned for its myriad of Olympic athletes or appearances on the world stage of elite sport, it is cleverly positioning itself as a hub for the burgeoning sports industry across Asia, and it’s no accident. The Economic Development Board of Singapore (EDB) has a clearly defined strategy across a number of areas to develop robust and broad ‘ecosystems’ to support certain industry sectors and sport is one. Singapore welcomes sports businesses to leverage its pro-business environment in order to tap into the business opportunities in the…read more