Transforming the way your industry works

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Transforming the way your industry works

Are you on board?

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Starting a new job can be daunting enough at any level, without turning up to find you were forgotten about, left to figure it all out on your own, thrown in and told to get going. Does that get you ‘onboard’ with the company? Many would say no. An effective onboarding process of new staff has been shown to be key in the retention of staff, which seems obvious, YET the ineffective onboarding of new staff is all too common. Get it wrong and your new superstar whiz kid (or…read more


Team building and company culture in 2017 – what leaders need to know

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SRi’s managing partner in Asia, Helen Soulsby, moderated a panel at All That Matters in Singapore which comprised standout businesswomen in leadership positions including Emma Banks of CAA, Sunita Kaur of Spotify, Stephanie McMahon of WWE, Susana Tsui of PHD Asia Pacific, as well as YouTube superstar and budding entrepreneur Bethany Mota. Helen summarises the panel discussion that poured over the challenges of modern team building, leadership styles that are fit for purpose today and how to get the best out of enthusiastic yet impatient Millennials. Team dynamics and company…read more


Building a winning team on and off the pitch

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What does it take to achieve success in a sporting organisation? Recently, SRi invited a number of sports leaders to discuss the myriad challenges that can be faced. Managing director Jim Chaplin looks at some of their learnings which can put senior leaders in the industry in the best position to build a winning side and ensure lasting glory. One of the reasons why running a sports organisation is so complex is that the individuals involved, whether on the pitch, in the first team squad or up in the boardroom,…read more


Address your gender mix

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It won’t come as a shock to many in the business of sport that the issue of gender diversity remains a very real concern, especially when it comes to the higher echelon roles. I chaired a recent Sports Leaders’ Breakfast discussion on this critical issue, which examined some of the challenges women in sport face in trying to climb the ladder into senior positions, what women can do to ensure their competitiveness, as well as highlighted the benefits that a healthy gender mix can bring to organisations. The current state…read more

Accelerating Growth in Canadian Sport

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There is little doubt that sport in Canada is thriving. Everywhere we’ve been, the talk has been of growth and ambition. Whether it is new media deals, record season ticket sales, a new stadium move or an upcoming event, the mood amongst those working in the industry is positive. There is a huge amount to be proud about – Canadian teams continue to punch above their weight in many sports, there are strong corporate partners, positive stadium experiences and the fan engagement is outstanding. So the big question that we’ve…read more


How we can encourage more gender diversity at work

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As today, March 8th, is International Women‘s Day, I wanted to share the following. Much of the content is from or inspired by Lean In, a book by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and a woman widely lauded for re-booting feminism in the last few years. The book itself is worth a read (for both men and women) to understand the state of play in terms of “equality” in the workplace. To understand how we as managers and colleagues can encourage more gender diversity at work (both at SRi and…read more

Six Sports Industry Trends Dominating Recruitment in China

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In 2015, one thing became clear: China led the way in sports business growth across Asia. New entrants, new commercial arrangements and new investors flooded the broad sports business landscape. The China sports industry promises more growth in 2016 and the war for talent is getting fierce. Smart companies know that great people will give them the edge. Below we’ve briefly outlined six key trends (in no particular order) dominating recruitment within the Chinese sports industry. 1. Talent Identification and Transfer With increased sophistication across all aspects of sport, many organizations now…read more


Building Teams in Business and in Sport

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Roy Keane and Kevin Pietersen have new books out. You may have noticed! Unsurprisingly and true to form, both books are punchy, provocative and controversial with lots of discussion of cliques, bullying, arguments and fights! The role of coaches, captains and players within these teams is also debated extensively. For those of us working in executive search where we are working to create and build high performing teams, the lessons and learnings from these two stories are fascinating and instructive. The first issue that emerges is the importance of the…read more

Understanding and Securing Talent in Sport

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Introduction When I talk to colleagues in the recruitment industry about recruiting in sport, there are two standard responses: the first is, “that must be easy” and the second is “can I have a job?” Both responses won’t surprise many people working in sport. Our industry is glamorous and popular and lots of people would love to be a part of it. However, whilst the skills required of a sales person, a marketeer, or a finance, HR and IT professional are broadly the same in the sports industry as they…read more